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Geophysical Exploration Engineering

Xi'an Branch has successively imported and developed a series of new geophysical technology, new methods and new equipment, undertakes following main business concerned in coal mines, express way, railway, tunnel, city construction and other fields.


Seismic exploration
Seismic exploration can detect fault with throw of more than 5m.. Plane swing error is limited within 15m. Breaking point with throw of 3~5m can interpreted.

We can tell you configuration of principal seams in prospect area with depth error less than1,5%, fold with amplitude of more than 5m, collapsed column with diameter of more than 20m, occurrence scope of main coal seams, scope of splitting and mergence of seams, localization of original deposit and boundary of coal absence, position of outcrop of main seams, thickness variation trend of main seams, localization of spontaneous fire in seams

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