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Development Engineering of Coal Bed Methane Resources

Basic geological research and resource assessment of coal bed methane:
Geological background of coal bed methane occurrence, characteristics of coal reservoir, resource calculation of coal bed methane in coal field(coal mining area), comprehensive evaluation of coal bed methane resources.

Simulation study of coal reservoir:
Description and numeric simulation technology of seam reservoir.

Evaluation of coal bed methane development project:
site selection and evaluation, feasibility analysis and economic evaluation of development

Well testing engineering of coal bed methane by surface injection and fall-off:
To obtain permeability, reservoir pressure, in-situ stress, fractured gradient, skin factor, half fracture length, conductivity and other important reservoir parameters

Measurement and testing of coaled methane:
Gas content measurement, gas composition analysis, coal petrology and quality analysis and measurement, thermostatic desorption and isothermal absorption testing etc.

Coalbed methane development engineering:
Design of coal bed methane development well configuration, selection of horizontal plume well position and drilling design, productivity analysis etc.

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