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Mine Water Hazard Control Engineering

Comprehensive exploration of hydro geological conditions in mining area:
Design, supervision and operation of exploration engineering, technical consultation and service of exploration engineering, computer processing and mapping of exploration information.

Calculation and prediction of inflows in mine and underground gallery:
Calculation and prediction of maximum and normal water inflows of mine, calculation and prediction of dewatering volume at different levels (or mining blocks) of mine, quantitative simulation and analysis of hydro geological conditions of mine region.

Fine hydro geological exploration, water hazard prediction and forecasting in mining blocks and working face:
Prediction and forecasting of water inflows at working face, prediction and forecasting of the failure mechanism and characteristics of roof and floor in mining face, evaluation the water proof capacity of impermeable layers of roof and floor of working face, fine detection of water-conducting structures in working face, real time monitoring of hydro geological conditions and real time water outburst prediction during mining.

Planning of water hazard control in mines, working face and mining blocks, setting up of hydro geological safety-guarantee system:
Technical demonstration and design of hydro geological safety-guarantee system, planning and design of long, medium and short term water control technology and engineering, development and design of mine hydro geological information system and information bank, mine water control technical team training.

Mine water hazard control and rescue:
Analysis of water outburst mechanism, rapid determination of water source, design of water hazard control engineering and its construction, implementation and technical consultation of water hazard control engineering.

Software, hardware and equipment for water hazard prediction and rapid determination of water source:
Various underground detection instruments and software for water-conducting structures, simulation software and hardware for mine water inflows prediction and water inrush condition prediction, software and hardware for rapid determination of water source of inflows and mine hydro geological information management.

Environmental prediction and assessment of abandoned mines:
Prediction of water hazard induced by abandoned mine, environment evaluation, assessment, simulation and control during water rebound of abandoned mine..

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