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Geophysical Instruments

Xian Branch has been engaged in development and production of geophysical instruments used in underground coal mines for tens of years and developed more than 10 kinds of different geophysical instruments. The instruments, with small size, convenient operation, high sensibility, stable performance and other particularities, can meet the requirements of detection in different geological conditions encountered in mine. All geophysical products have obtained safety mark of coal industry, many of them were awarded provincial and ministerial prizes for scientific and technological progress. The main products include:

  • Water pressure real time observation and recording during mining operation at working face, thus fast forecasting of water-outburst
  • Judgment and monitoring of water discharging point and aquifers during mine-water gush hazard
  • Stereoscopic monitoring of water drainage process and comprehensive analysis of regional hydraulic connection during a combined water drainage test
  • Regional forecast and alarm of water gush disaster in mine
  • Water level observation on surface of different aquifers

Main technical parameters

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