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Research and Development of Coal Bed Methane

Coal bed methane is an unconventional natural gas generated from coal and adsorbed in coal seam. It is called mine gas in coal mines. Since twenty years ago, Xian Branch has been undertaking resource assessment, exploration and development of coal bed methane. So that , the Branch is one of the institutions earliest engaged in coal bed methane research in China.During the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth ''five year plan'', it has undertaken consecutively more than 10 state's key research projects, including ''Resource occurrence and assessment of shallow coal bed methane in main coal fields in China'', ''Enrichment conditions and resource assessment of coal bed methane in China'', ''Study of coal seam-adsorbed gas development in favorable blocks'', ''Study of complete technology and special equipment of pilot development of shallow coal bed methane in Xinji coal mine'', ''Study of coal bed methane reservoir formation and favorable area selection for exploration and development in China '', ''Pilot experimental study of coal bed methane in abandoned coal mines''. And also, the Branch completed the projects ''Assessment of coal bed methane resource in China's main coal mining areas'' financed by UNDP,and ''Assessment of China's coal bed methane resource'' which belonged to the first-rate state geological exploration project. So far, The Branch has obtained a series of important results and achievements.

Now the Branch is undertaking a key project of the tenth five year plan ''Study on complete technology for China's coal bed methane exploration and development'',and ''973'' Program projects ''Efficient resource potential and distribution of China's coal bed methane'',''Absorption characteristics and gas storage mechanism of coal seam'',and ''Dynamic process of coal bed methane formation and its resource contribution'',so the Branch becomes a unit with chief scientist of ''973'' Program.

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