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Mine Water Hazard Control

Mine water hazards take second place in five coal mine hazards, i.e., gas, water, fire, fine dust and dynamic geological hazards and causes serious life lose in coal mine.

The Branch, as the unique institution engaged in mine water hazard control technology and prevention project research, has worked for long time in technology and equipment research, technical consultation, mining hydro geological condition detection, mine water control and disaster rescue, hydro geological safety condition assessment and others. Analysis center of mine water hazard prevention and identification under State Safe Production Technical Ensuring System affiliated to State Administration of Safety Work Supervision and State Administration of Coal Mine Safety Supervision, sub-center of mine water hazard control and rescue technology research affiliated to State Mine Rescue Center are located in the Branch.

In recent years, the Branch has developed diverse new technologies and equipment for mine water hazard control and provided safe production with strong technical guarantee to safe mining. The Branch has accomplished 48 research projects in the fields of hydrogeology, water hazard control and water resource utilization since 1990, of which more than 20 won state, ministerial and provincial awards. The Branch completed the project ''comprehensive control of China coal mine karst water hazard'' financed by UNDP and has successively sent some of our experts to other countries to give lectures about coal mine water hazard control technologies. Expert training and technical exchange with other countries have greatly enhanced the ability of technicians in coal mine water hazard control. The Branch has undertaken some international projects such as technical consultation of water hazard control in Barapukuria coal mine, Bangladesh, and enjoys high prestige in china and abroad market.

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