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Geophysical Exploration
The Branch experienced in research, development and application of 2-D and 3-D coal geological condition seismic exploration and electromagnetic exploration both in surface and underground. They are equipped by 2 sets of Aries digital seismic systems(1480 channels) produced in Canada, 1 set DS-6 digital seismic system(360 channels) produced in U.S.A, V5, V8 multi-function electromagnetic systems produced by Canadian Phoenix Corporation, and various self-developed underground geophysical instruments. Relying on high technology, experienced professionals and excellent instrumentation, the Branch has accomplished hundreds of 2-D, 3-D seismic exploration projects, hundreds of surface and underground electromagnetic exploration projects, dozens of Rayleigh wave and surface radar exploration projects. It has undertaken dozens of research projects, of which more than 20 were awarded ministerial and provincial prizes for scientific progress. Some research results, in recent years, have been successively applied in production, and enjoys high prestige in the field of geophysics at home and abroad.
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