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Drilling Techniques and Technologies

The Branch has a research team specially engaged in research of drilling technologies that covers study and development of new materials, new technology, new methods and new equipment. 60 research projects have been completed , of which 9 were awarded since early 90s. The transformation of research result to application has brought good economic and social benefit.

The project of ''study on underground rig and nearly horizontal directional drilling technology'' was awarded silver prize for national scientific progress due to its technical breakthrough in substitution of gas-draining roadway in roof by large diameter long borehole to drain gas. In 2004, MK-7 drilling rig and its combined tools were awarded a gold prize of science and technology of coal industry.

Gas drainage borehole drilling in loose and soft seam prone to outburst has been one of focus disturbing coal mine gas safe control. It is urgently needed in coal mine gas control in China to carry out research on techniques and technology of drilling in loose and soft seam prone to outburst to overcome difficulties in borehole completion and protection in areas highly prone to gas outburst, and to increase completed borehole depth and completion ratio. Xi'an Branch took the lead in research project to carry out research of soft seam drilling technology aiming at characteristics of loose and soft seam prone to outburst, formed equipment and technology suitable to China coal mine characteristics and with our own intellectual property, resolved difficult problem of gas control in such kind of coal seam.

This technology is used to drill the gas drainage holes in soft and out bursting coal seam. Moderate pressure air drilling can bring little disturbance to the wall of holes. It can reduce drilling collapse and jamming of drilling tool. On the other hand, the air won't block the release of methane gas, so it is good for gas extraction. The independent drilling air supply system can provide a stable flow and adequate pressure when drilling. This can effectively improve the pore-forming efficiency and depth.By detecting the parameters of air flow and air pressure, we can get the situation under the hole in time. It also provide guidance when drilling. The multi-stage dust collector has high dust removal efficiency and security. It is simple and convenient to use.

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