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Key Labs and Testing Centers

Xian Branch has four key labs of the state and coal industry, including Xi'an exploration equipment test and inspection center of national work safety approved by the State Administration of Work Safety, lab of technology and equipment of coal geology, mine geology and geological exploration, lab of coalbed methane basic research, lab of engineering geology. In addition, the Branch has a physical chemistry testing center and sixth testing station of artificial foundation engineering quality, both are authenticated by CMA.

Rig testing and checking center
The center was founded in 1992 and authenticated in May 2004 by State Administration of Work Safety and State Administration of Coal Mine Safety and was given grade A qualification. The center can officially undertake safety mark checking and maintenance checking of safety products used in coal mines, checking of products in use, accident investigation checking and appeal checking, ect.

Lab of technology and equipment of coal geology, mine geology and geological exploration It is a lab for basic and application research. Its main testing content and research include coal deposition mechanism and model, formation and evolution mechanism of geological structures in mines, testing and checking of coal (including small underground structures) geophysical exploration, drilling technology and equipment as well as their performance.

Basic lab for coal bed methane
It is a lab for basic research. Its main testing content and research include coal bed methane accumulation and reservoir- forming regularities and mechanism, distribution regularities of high permeability areas, formation conditions of high gas-producing areas, absorption and desorption mechanism of coal bed methane, regularities of gas, liquid and solid three phase coupling seepage flow and others.

Lab of engineering geology
It is a lab for application basis. Its testing content and research include measurement and analysis of rock and soil mechanical indexes, in-situ stress measurement and testing, measurement and analysis of deformation and stability of surrounding rocks during mining disturbance, simulation and analysis of underground water seepage flow mechanism and mine water outburst mechanism.

Physical chemistry testing center
The center consists of professionals of chemical analysis, coal petrology, coal quality, coal chemistry and coal geology. It has strong technical strength and advanced equipment. It was given a metering qualification(CMA certificate) by Shaanxi Technology Supervision Administration in 1998, and passed in 2000 examination of licence for metering utensil manufacturing (CMC certificate) of State Administration of Technology Supervision, and obtained qualification for manufacturing reflectance standard substance for microscope actinometer.

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