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Introduction Donwload Center
Xian Branch of China Coal Research Institute, founded in 1956, is a large research institution on coal mine safety and geological exploration, and was transformed into a state owned important born enterprise in 1999. It is administrated by State Owned Asset Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

The Branch is mainly engaged in basic application research on coal geology, hydrogeology, engineering geology, geophysical instrument and exploration, drilling technology, geo-technical engineering, environmental engineering, coal bed methane resources assessment and development and other disciplines. The main business on technical development and consultant service, product development and production, as well as engineering contracting covers almost the main disciplines and technical fields in coal resources exploration and geological safety guarantee.

There are almost 850 employees and 10 institutes, i.e. Institute of Geology, Institute of Hydrogeology, Institute of Drilling Technology, Institute of Seismic Exploration, Institute of Electrical Exploration, Institute of Geophysical Instrument, Institute of Engineering Geology, Institute of Environmental Protection and Shaanxi Rock Geo-technical Engineering Company in the branch. There are also Rig Testing and Checking Center affiliated to State's Administration of Work Safety Supervision and State's Administration of Coal Mine Safety Supervision, Mine Water Hazard Prevention and Identification Center affiliated to State Safe Production Technical Ensuring System and Sub-center of Mine Water Hazard Prevention and Rescue Technology Research affiliated to State Mine Rescue Center. The Branch is an authorized unit approved by Academic Degree Committee of the State Council to enroll students for doctor degree and master degree, and now has 12 supervisors for PH.D students and 110 persons with PH.D or master degree or to be PH.D and masters.
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